Food Photos

So I haven’t been very good about taking pictures of my food. To be honest, I feel a bit silly. I did last night though! My parents and I went out to this cute little Hawaiian BBQ nearby and I had a salad with steak, mango ginger vinagarette and berries! You can’t seem them, but there was a side of delicious grilled veggies.

IMG_0457The lighting is weird, but I promise it was really yummy! The berries were good and fresh!

This morning I went for a 3.5 mile run and had oat bran again! I am really liking this oat bran business. I worked today and brought a yummy salad. When I left I made myself a blended frozen yogurt with honeydew, which was good until I got in the pool to do my 1500 yard swim I had scheduled. I felt sick from 500 yards on, but it felt good once I was done!

I splurged and had pizza with the kids I was babysitting tonight. Sausage with mushrooms, yum! Now I am feeling awful though. I am allergic to milk protein and had frozen yogurt and cheese today. Blah. Oh well, I will feel better in the morning!

I almost forgot. Last night was really cool, they had a free concert at my church with some of our really talented jazz artists. It was a great time of fellowship! Afterward I went to a friend’s house and made Nutella cookies. I highly¬†recommend trying that sometime!

What is your favorite mid-afternoon snack?!


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