Homemade Mochi = A Success!

I don’t know about you, but I am a fan of mochi on my frozen yogurt. A friend of mine brought me some homemade mochi this summer and then told me that it was made in a microwave! I decided I needed to try to make some of my own. Well I was browsing Albertson’s today and saw Sweet Rice Flour in the Asian section and decided it was the time!

It’s so simple:

  1. 1 Cup Mochiko (Sweet Rice Flour)
  2. 1 Cup Water
  3. 1/4 Sugar

You mix it well, cover it with plastic wrap and microwave it for 4 minutes. I dusted mine with powdered sugar. It came out pretty well! It definitely doesn’t fit under the healthy eating or cooking category, but it’s fun! There is a much more complicated way to make it, but this way was quick and easy. 



I don’t really know what to do with it now… any ideas?



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4 responses to “Homemade Mochi = A Success!

  1. welcome to bloggie land. i’ve heard lots about mochi but never tried it, you make it look easy and great!

  2. that looks pretty darn interesting! Sorry I’ve never worked with mochi before 😦 A mochi yogurt company just opened up in town here.. looks like i need to go try it now! Have a great day chica 🙂

  3. Mochi is so fun to eat! Have you ever gotten those mochi icecream balls before? yuuuhhhmmm. I say make a batch of homemade frozen yogurt and sprinkle some mochi bits on top 🙂

    I actually grabbed this guava jelly from the grocery store near me. BF says you can buy the guava jam I’m in love with online (I’ll have to dig around and get back to you on that one though). AND, not sure how you feel about mango, but I got really excited when I saw a jar of Goya Mango Jam the other day!

    Which half are you training for? looking forward to reading more! 🙂

    • hungryhoneybee

      Goya Mango Jam, that sounds good!! If I can buy the guava jam online, I totally will!

      I have had the mochi balls, Trader Joe’s has really good ones! I’ve also had them at sushi restaurants! Yum! I have some frozen yogurt in my freezer from the shop I work at. I may need to have some of that topped with my homemade mochi tonight!

      I am training for the Silver Strand (Coronado Island) Half. I am really looking forward to it! Thanks for the comment, I am having fun getting into all of this blogging business!

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