Just Lovely

Well, hump day is coming to a close. The store was SO slow today, but I met some really lovely people. After work I headed over to the pool and did a nice and mostly easy 1500 yards. Afterwards, all I wanted to do was eat frozen yogurt and watch last night’s Biggest Loser. So I did just that! It was lovely. Golden Spoon needs to get their fall flavors in though, I am getting impatient.

Speaking of yogurt though, did you know that probiotics are not just good for your digestive system, but your immune system as well? Pretty great, right? Especially if you like frozen yogurt with probiotics! 

Here’s the packed lunch I ate today:

IMG_0470So we have a turkey sandwich on an Onion “Alternative Bagel” (110 Calories and 7 grams of fiber)! I used half of a laughing cow on one side and onion mustard on the other, stuck some romaine in there and grilled in on my George. Even when it’s cold after being in my lunch bag, a grilled sandwich is just better. Then I had some carrots and Jalepeno Hummus. I added a Joe-Joe from TJ’s after I took this picture!

Dinner I didn’t take a picture of, but I had TJ’s Chili Lime Chicken Burger (grilled on my George, I love that thing) with my dad’s baked beans and a side of grilled veggies. SO good! 

I hope you all had a great hump day! As I like to say, Goodnight Neverland!


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