Washington DC

So I’ve gone missing the past couple of days because I have been exploring our nation’s capital!! A friend of mine, Kat, is doing an internship with the Department of State, and another friend of mine, Meagan and I are visiting her! It’s been an amazing trip so far. Lots of lunch packing and visiting all the free museums! Today is monument day!

I forgot my camera cord, so I can’t post pictures, but just you wait there will be a great picture post when I get back! I get to have a real Philly Cheesesteak this weekend… we are going to Kat’s house where she grew up in Philadelphia. I am thrilled and will tell you all about it!

Hope everyone is doing fantastically!

PS- I love this city!



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2 responses to “Washington DC

  1. Oh I hope you have such a fun time in DC, though it sounds like you already have!! It is such an amazing city, I love visiting there!! I hope your Philly Cheesesteak is awesome!

  2. Hope you had a fun time in DC! I wish I didn’t slack off so much on reading blogs…I would have loved to give you some fun suggestions! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

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