Sleepy = Short Preview

My fabulous East Coast Trip…Sneak Preview:

IMG_0590A real Philly Cheesesteak!



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3 responses to “Sleepy = Short Preview

  1. I’ve never had a REAL cheesesteak 🙂 looks good!

  2. Amy

    AH! Are you from/going to Philly? That’s where I’m from!

    OH and I loved the comment you left me…about gum. Hilarious. I serious am so beyond dependent, its a compulsive habit, a ritual, for sure. And it’s funny that you mentioned people asking me for a piece. Because no one ever does, even though anyone who’s consistently around me KNOWS I “eat” gum all day (or so they joke!). Yesterday 2 kids in my class asked for a piece each, and I reluctantly handed over the precious sticks….

    HAHA ❤ you made my morning, thanks for the comment!

  3. I’ve never had a real one either!!!

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