Vitality for Life – Day #1

Good Morning!

Today starts my Wellness challenge! And it starts with Vitality for Life! I am committing to taking these vitamins twice a day for the month of March. I am going to blog about how I am feeling so I can see if they really do make a difference!

So after I ate this delicious breakfast:

An egg white sandwich:

  • 1/3c egg white
  • Leftover grilled asparagus and red pepper
  • Spinach
  • Garlic
  • Reduced Fat Pepperjack Cheese

On the side I had half a blood orange. Look at how red that baby is!

I popped these in with a nice cold glass of water!

Vitality for Life

How I’m Feeling: I woke up feeling really tired and groggy, even though I got the same amount of sleep that I usually do. I also had a little bit of a headache. After my 6am Muscle Challenge class I felt a little better. Definitely could use some energy for the day ahead…coffee anyone?

Still Ahead Today: My Vegetarian Challenge



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2 responses to “Vitality for Life – Day #1

  1. lovely sammie – and I cannot get over the color of that blood orange! Can you believe I’ve NEVER had one?

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